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Elites and Urban Dynamics: New Perspectives

Supported by the ESRC as part of their Alpha Territory project researching London's 'super-rich' Neighbourhoods.

A one-day seminar was organised by Rowland Atkinson (University of Sheffield), Roger Burrows (Goldsmiths) and Mike Savage (LSE), taking place at LSE on Wednesday 22nd July 2015 in three sessions:

The resurgence of elite sociology

Elites Without Hierarchies: Intermediaries, 'Agency' and the Super-rich
Will Davies

Life in the Alpha Territory, results from a two-year study
Rowland Atkinson and Roger Burrows, Luna Glucksberg, Caroline Knowles and David Rhodes

Elites in the Great British Class Survey
Daniel Laurison and Sam Friedman

Getting Ahead? Meritocratic Elites and the Gendered Body in the Age of Egg Freezing and Wearables
Charis Thompson

Urbanism and Wealth

London and Hong Kong
Hang Kei Ho

A New City for Croesus
Simon Parker, Rowland Atkinson and Roger Burrows

Conflicts of Taste and Values in an Elite London Suburb
Richard Webber - View Presentation Slides

New agendas and Future Research

Elite Research and the LSE International Inequalities Institute
John Hills, Tania Burckhardt and others.

The Gentrification of Gentrification
Luna Glucksberg, Rowland Atkinson, Tim Butler and Dave Rhodes

The Elite London Vortex
Niall Cunningham and Mike Savage - View Presentation Slides.

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