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Associate Members

Our associate members are people across the LSE who are carrying out research into inequality. This network of academics facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Dr Fabien Accominotti
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology.
Research interests:  social status; status-based approaches to the study of inequality; cultural hierarchy and elite formation in the United States; winner-take-all inequality; social processes of valuation.

Dr Tania Burchardt
Associate Professor, Department of Social Policy and Deputy Director, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion.
Research interests: inequality and poverty, disadvantage and elites, the capability approach, time use, disability, social care, social policy

Professor Cathy Campbell
Professor of Social Psychology and Head of Department
Research interests: Social inequalities, global public health, international development, social change, human rights, gender

Dr Joan Costa-Font
Associate Professor (Reader) of Political Economy, Department of Social Policy
Research interests: the origins of ‘health disadvantage’, behavioural motivations, health and social care systems accountability.

Dr Sam Friedman
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Research interests: social class, the ‘class’ pay gap, experience of social mobility, elites, cultural capital 

Professor Ian Gough
FAcSS FRSA Visiting Professor, CASE
Research interests: Climate change, inequality and social policy. 

Dr Ellen J. Helsper
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Media and Communications Department
Research interests: Social and digital inequalities, new forms of inequality, and representations of inequality.

Dr Jonathan Hopkin
Associate Professor of Comparative Politics, Department of Government
Research interests: Political Parties and Elections; Redistribution and Inequality; Corruption; Decentralisation; Euro crisis; Politics of Britain, Italy and Spain.

Dr Armine Ishkanian
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Policy
Research interests: civil society and social transformation, NGOs and social movements against inequality and austerity, gender inequality and violence against women.

Professor Gareth Jones
Professor of Urban Geography, Department of Geography and Environment
Research interests: cities, gated communities, gentrification, identities, international urban policy, urbanism, violence, youth 

Professor Naila Kabeer
Professor of Gender and International Development at the Gender Institute
Research interests: gender, poverty, intersecting inequalities, labour markets and livelihoods and social protection.

Dr Neil Lee
Director, MSc Local Economic Development
Research interests: Poverty, inequality and economic change in cities and regions

Professor Grace Lordon
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), Department of Social Policy, LSE Health
Research interests: discrimination; gender; ethnicity; health inequalities; labour market inequalities

Dr Patrick McGovern
LSE Department of Sociolgy
Research interests: economic sociology, especially the sociology of work and labour markets, and international migration.

Dr Lisa Mckenzie
LSE Department of Sociolgy
Research interests: class, inequality, precariat, Bourdieu, ethnography

Dr Abigail McKnight
Associate Professorial Research Fellow, CASE
Research interests: income inequality, earnings inequality, mobility, labour market disadvantage, low pay, social mobility, household wealth and debt.

Dr Joana Naritomi
Assistant Professor, Department of International Development Research Associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and International Growth Centre, and CESifo Public Sector Economics Affiliate
Research interests: state capacity in developing countries, taxation, social insurance, crime 

Professor Anne Phillips
Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science
Research interests: Inequality from a political theory perspective, with a special focus on gender inequalities.

Dr Ricardo Santos
PhD researcher in Economics from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
Research interests: development economics, poverty, inequalities, education and labour markets, post-conflict development, institutional economics of development cooperation, business and markets as development actors. 

Dr Alpa Shah
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Research interests: Inequality and Poverty, Radical Social Movements, the State and Development, South Asia (India and Nepal), Caste, Class and Gender, Adivasis and Dalits, and Ethnographic Methods.

Dr Waltraud Schelkle
Associate Professor of Political Economy at the European Institute
Research interests: macroeconomic stability and inequality, financial markets in welfare states 

Dr Hyun Bang Shin
Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Studies
Research interests: Speculative urbanisation, the politics of gentrification and displacement, homeownership and asset inequalities.

Professor Fiona Steele
Professor in Statistics
Research interests: multilevel modelling and longitudinal data analysis, with applications in demography.

Professor Michael Storper
Associate Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography and Environment
Research interests: cities and regions, economic development, economic geography, globalisation, technological change.

Dr Polly Vizard
Associate Professorial Research Fellow, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion
Research interests: inequality and poverty, the capability approach, rights-based approaches, social and public policy.

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