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Season 2 of The Ballpark has begun!

This March, the second season of The Ballpark began. The LSE US Centre's regular podcast features interviews with LSE academics and discussions with the US Centre staff, and goes beyond the headlines in providing the facts, figures, quotes and analysis necessary to form a more informed view on the United States. Given recent unprecedented developments in American politics, there has never been a better time to start listening!

Listen to the latest episodes of The Ballpark.
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Come to a US Centre event in 2017!

The US Centre events listing for Lent 2017 is now available. Speakers include Yuval Levin, Charles Kupchan, Neil Foley, and Tali Mendelberg.

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Read Commentary on the US election from LSE experts on the US Centre's USAPP blog

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s surprise victory, the US Centre has been posting reactions by LSE Experts on the election result and its potential implications for the US and the world on our blog, USAPP. 

You can read all 12 articles here.

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LSE North America Forum 

We were very pleased to take part in the LSE Global Forum in Washington DC on October 28th. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S. received an Honorary Doctorate from the School. Audience members enjoyed a keynote speech from Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and LSE alum. 

Our Centre Director, Professor Peter Trubowitz, participated in a panel on the upcoming election with LSE Director Professor Julia Black; Professor Stephanie Rickard of the Government Department; David Rennie, Washington bureau chief and Lexington columnist of The Economist; and Linda Yueh, academic and journalist.

Photos of the event can be found here
US Centre launches The Ballpark podcast

In March, the LSE US Centre launched its regular podcast, The Ballpark. Featuring interviews from LSE academics and discussions with US Centre staff, The Ballpark is your chance to go beyond the headlines and get the facts, figures, quotes, and context to form a more informed view on the United States and the 2016 election. With over 30,000 listens and a second season out now, why not join our listeners today?

Listen to the latest episodes of The Ballpark.

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